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Two Rose Cardigans, two ways of knitting them!

In the past few months I have managed to not only knit myself the amazing Rose Cardigan by Andrea Mowry, but I also managed to knit one for my mother and it was finished in time to give it to her during my time in Europe!

I knitted the first cardigan following the exact pattern and the second one is slightly adjusted.

Without giving away all the design elements and pattern details, I would like to tell you how it was done, so that if you wish to modify yours, you can use this post as a guideline.

The Rose cardigan originally is knitted in 4 quadrants, which are then seamed together and a neckband is added. Knitting it this way has the following advantages:

- The knitting part is quick and easy, as you can just follow the pattern

- You have to knit AND purl

- The seams give the cardigan a bit more structure

- You never have huge pieces on your needles, thus, more portable knitting

However, there is one big downside to it:

- There is a TON of seaming to do afterwards!

If you are like me and avoid seaming whenever you can, then there is another way of knitting the Rose Cardigan; in the round!

It might sound a little complicated at first, but it really is not! However, if you hate purling and you want the cardigan to be reversed stockinette, like the original, this might not be for you!

Here’s how I did it:

- I added up the stitches for the front and back quadrant of each side of the cardigan. Basically those 2 charts turned into one big chart for the left side and then I did the same for the right side.

- To get the exact same pattern on the sleeve top as you would with seaming, I used the chart for the neckband for the cable part of the sleeve as well, just to fill in some missing stitches. (Vague, I know, but once you have purchased the pattern you will know what I mean – if not, message me on Ravelry and I’ll explain it to you, when I see you own the pattern).

- Because of the construction of the cardigan, you can’t knit the entire cardigan in the round (DUH!), so I knit the sleeves in the round up to the point where you will start increasing stitches on the edges (in the original pattern, so on the side of each quadrant) and from there on I continued knitting flat.

If you have any questions about how I did it, please contact me through Ravelry, so I can see you have purchased the pattern and give you more detailed advice about it!

The last difference between my cardigan and my mom’s cardigan is that my mom’s cardigan has normal stockinette on the outside. Making it even quicker to knit, as it was only knitting in the round instead of purling.

I made one more modification to both cardigans; I didn’t quite like the big seam at the back of the cardigan, so instead decided to use the kitchener stitch to sow the left and right parts together. I did keep the big seam of the pattern for the neckband, as it gives the neckband more support at the back of my neck.

Yarn for these beautiful cardigans is by Miss La Motte;

For my cardigan I used: Ghost, Hydrangea, Damoon and Midnight.

For my mom’s cardigan, Karen dyed up a custom fade which she epically called Electric Teal Dreams.


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