• Iris

Episode 7 - YARN HAUL!

Hi Guys! I'm back and excited to show you all the yarn that I ordered from MissLaMotte! Karen Cronje is an amazing indie dyer from Cape Town and we put together a super fade for my Rose Cardigan! She also send me the yarn for my Mog Sweater, the Test Knit I am doing for Lindsay Inouye.


Patterns I am knitting:

Mog Sweater

Designer: Lindsay Inouye

Wool: MissLaMotte

Colorway: Ripening Wheat

Wool & Honey

Designer: Andrea Mowry

Wool: Brooklyn Tweed, Loft

Colorway: Woolen Socks

Patterns I talk about:

Rose Cardigan by Andrea Mowry

The yarns I bought:

MissLaMotte yarns, colorways:

Ripening Wheat - for the Mog Sweater

Ghost, Hydraenga, Damson, Midnight - Fade for the Rose cardigan

Pressed flowers - Present from Karen <3


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