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Life happened and brought me to Africa!

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Sunset over Table Mountain, as seen from Table View

I was born and raised in Holland, in a loving family that loved to travel. When I was young we used to do a lot of camping trips, spent time in nature, be adventurous. I always loved these trips!

When I grew up I started wondering about life outside of Holland. I never had a feeling of belonging in the Netherlands, I somehow always knew I would not spend the rest of my life there.

At age 24, I decided it was time for an adventure. I had a good friend living in South Africa and had heard many great stories about it. My parents had gone to South Africa before and going on a safari trip was a big dream to me.

I decided to make a plan and go to South Africa for a work holiday. I gave up my job, found someone to look after my horse and googled horse riding stables in Johannesburg. After emailing back and forth, I organize myself a job as a horse riding instructor and I left a few months later.

When the plane landed in South Africa, a calm feeling came over me. I immediately felt at home, there is no other way to describe it.

I had an amazing time there, working with the horses, making new friends and adjusting to a much slower, more relaxed life style. My holiday was mostly about working, so about a year later I came back to see more of this amazing country.

My best friend and I traveled all over South Africa, seeing the Kruger National Park, Durban, the Garden Route and ending our travels in Cape Town. By the end of our trip, the idea of moving to this country started taking over my thoughts.

We flew back to Holland, where I started figuring out ways to actually go live in Africa. It eventually took me another 2 years to get all things in order. By then, I had sorted out a work permit, saved up enough money and had come to terms with selling my horse, missing my family and not having the Dutch kroketten anymore for a while.

I moved to Johannesburg, where I started working at the riding school. After 1 year I moved to Cape Town, enjoying everything this amazing city has to offer. I really lost my heart there, to the ocean, Table mountain and the wine farms.

In 2017, my work permit expired and I decided it was time to see more of Africa.

I went to Namibia, planning on volunteering there for 3 months, working with horses at a game reserve.

This is where I met my husband, and I decided to stay and settle in Namibia.

This is a short version, of course many things have happened in the last few years and I would love to share some of our adventures traveling this amazing continent.

If you have ever been to Africa, please let me know what was your favorite part. Are there any other places you recommend me to visit? Or if you haven't been yet, let me know if you need any advice!

The famous tree's of Deadvlei, Sossuvlei

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