• Iris

Episode 8 - I'm a stitch bitch baby!

In this episode I am showing off the testknit I did for Lindsay Inouye, some progress on my Wool & Honey sweater and some new hobbies!

I started sowing and made my first projectbag, I also picked up this a-ma-zing cross stitch pattern on Etsy and started stitching!


Patterns I am knitting:

Mog Sweater

Designer: Lindsay Inouye

Wool: MissLaMotte

Colorway: Ripening Wheat

Wool & Honey

Designer: Andrea Mowry

Wool: Brooklyn Tweed, Loft

Colorway: Woolen Socks

Patterns I talk about:

- Nurtured by Andrea Mowry

- Wakaba Sweater by Nathalie Meredith

The projectbag is made with this tutorial;

And lastly, the Mandala Giraffe pattern for cross stitching


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