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This is me

Hi there! I am Iris, an adventurous knitter living in Namibia, Africa.

A few years ago, I was looking for a laptop sleeve and I couldn't find anything I liked. Being creative by nature, I decided to knit myself one.

Other than some tries (and fails!) when I was a child, I had never actually knitted something before. I walked into a yarn store, bought some chunky yarn, needles and a zipper and looked up knitting on YouTube. With some help I managed to knit a cabled sleeve for my laptop, as my very first project.

Like I said, I like to be adventurous when I knit!

Since then I have tried many techniques and I have fallen in love with the versatility of yarn and knitting. I love a good challenge, a perfect fade and of course a lovely color work sweater!

Unfortunately, there are not many knitters in Africa, so I started a podcast to share my passion with other yarn fanatics. I find that the knitting community is extremely warm and open and love to hear from any of you!

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